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Wonderep represents companies which provide solutions (devices, design services and IP's) for the medical, industrial, consumer, automotive and the semiconductor Israeli markets. These solutions fit many applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the wearables market, mobile embedded applications, industrial and scientific monitoring and many others.

Wonderep helps companies with their business development (funding, designing and manufacturing, sales and marketing).








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Exostiv Labs Logo.png
Indie Logo

Indie Semiconductor specializes in custom, microcontroller-based chips which integrate functions for sensing, processing, controlling and communicating all into a single device.



Imagination Technologis Logo

Market-leading processor solutions for graphics, vision & AI processing and multi-standard communications.

Softimize Logo

IoT cloud platform which allows to accelerate the development of the cloud/mobile parts and cut the development time & cost. 



BIyond Logo

A professional services company with vast experience in the domains of BI, Big Data & Analytics.

Sondrel Logo

Sondrel provides silicon chip design services.

The European business partner for Tanner Analog/Mixed-Signal and MEMS IC design solutions of Mentor.

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