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About Wonderep

Wonderep represents companies that provide solutions (devices, design services and IP's) for the medical, industrial, consumer, automotive and the semiconductor Israeli markets. These solutions fit many applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the wearables market, mobile embedded applications, industrial, scientific monitoring and many others.

Wonderep is managed by Avi Pinkas who has many years of experience with the Israeli high-tech industry. 




Picture of Avi Pinkas - Wonderep's CEO
Avi Pinkas - CEO




Avi holds a B.Sc. degree in electronic engineering from Florida Atlantic University.

He has experience with the Israeli high-tech industry over 25 years. His work experience includes positions such as PLM and sales and marketing manager. Avi was responsible for the Lattice and Achronix FPGAs, Pro Design (FPGA-based prototyping systems), Flexras (partition tool for FPGAs) and XJTAG (JTAG testing tool) lines at Phoenix Technologies, Israel. Before that, he managed the sales and marketing activities at Kaisemi which were doing FPGA to ASIC conversions. Avi has also worked as Altera FAE at Eastronics, Israel.








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